Annette Webster

About Annette Webster

I am Annette Webster, author of The Blueprint : Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand. My new book was a complete spiritual journey where God showed me the issues we must overcome in order to experience His supernatural work in our life. This inspirational, yet disruptive book is a challenge to choose and chase God in your life like never before. It is a persuasive message that demands you take back control of your finances by providing practical steps to do so. It encourages you to trust in our God who gives second, third and fourth chances for restoration in your relationships as well as with Him. 

Before this book I spent my teenage years writing poems and attending poetry slams. I believe words are so powerful, explosive and expressive. I had no plans on writing a book until the Holy Spirit revealed this message to me. By trade, I am an accountant but my first and true love is with words. I am so excited to share the message God gave me in my new book.