After Pestilence: An Interreligious Theology of the Poor (Paperback)

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After Pestilence: An Interreligious Theology of the Poor (Paperback)


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Theology, according to liberation theologians is only a second step. The first is praxis. A liberating praxis puts the poor and the marginalised at the centre. It is found in the collective response of global religious communities responding to crises - and a global pandemic offers an important case in point, reminding religions of our shared humanity, and the need for interreligious cooperation and understanding to effect a positive response.

In the context of seismic socio-economic and political change, religion provides a communal response for feeding the poor, fighting for their rights, and challenging the post-colonial financial model that is now beginning to lose its ground.

This book blends an examination of emerging research on the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in marginalised communities, with the author's own research on social and poverty isolation in India, and his own experience as told in diaries written whilst in lockdown in a poor district of Santiago, Chile. It challenges majority world churches and religions in a post-pandemic world to learn from each other and from Jesus' own identification with the outcast, and urges them to take on a way of life and prophetic learning from the world of the poor.

Product Details ISBN: 9780334060352
ISBN-10: 0334060354
Publisher: SCM Press
Publication Date: February 26th, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English