Dinomorphs: Fractured (Paperback)

Dinomorphs: Fractured By Gray Odin Cover Image

Dinomorphs: Fractured (Paperback)


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Kellen Masters may look like a simple teenage surfer, but nothing could be further from the truth. He is Marduk, a shapeshifter whose people come from a parallel world, a world he and his friends just narrowly escaped.

Kellen should be happy to be home--after all, they made it back to Earth in one piece. Instead, he hides a terrible secret, one that threatens to rip the love and of trust of those he holds dearest to pieces. To keep his people safe, he will have to lie to them. He will have to spy for the enemy.

But is all as it seems? With seemingly impossible odds against him, Kellen will have to pit his new-found powers against not just the monster that controls him, but the very fabric of his reality if he's to uncover the path to freedom.

In this mind-bending next instalment of the DINOMORPH series, the Marduk struggle escalates in the midst of civil unrest. Before, Kellen didn't know who to trust. But now, it's not those around him he needs to be worried about. Now the question is: Can he trust himself, or will he betray them all?

Product Details ISBN: 9780648019299
ISBN-10: 0648019292
Publisher: Fallen Warrior Publishing
Publication Date: August 30th, 2019
Pages: 318
Language: English