TITANIC Jessie and Lifeboat #9: The Untold Story (Hardcover)

TITANIC Jessie and Lifeboat #9: The Untold Story By Kelley Bortner Cover Image

TITANIC Jessie and Lifeboat #9: The Untold Story (Hardcover)


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This is the previously untold true story of Jessie and her Titanic voyage. Jessie was on the Titanic sailing from a last-minute change in plans, due to a coal strike in the British Isles. Unaware of what was to come a few days later, she eagerly boarded the unsinkable, luxury liner for its maiden voyage and return trip home from a visit to family. She settled into the opulent surroundings and met many friends onboard, who are named in the book. This is Jessie's story of what happened leading up to the tragic sailing, her experience onboard, enduring the horrific sinking, and what happened after the Titanic. The reader will come to understand how black water plays a role in tragedies for Jessie's life, how new beginnings bring happiness, and the impact of her getting into Lifeboat #9.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088045466
ISBN-10: 1088045464
Publisher: Titanicquest
Publication Date: December 1st, 2023
Pages: 112
Language: English