It's Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist (Paperback)

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This book candidly examines Seventh-day Adventist history and doctrines. Beginning with self-appointed prophet William Miller who convinced over 50,000 New Englanders that in1844 Christ would come again in fiery judgment. Then the birth of Adventism as those who explained that Miller had misunderstood the prophecy and judgement had begun not on earth but in heaven. The book explores SDA prophetess, Ellen White whose "visions" urge their members to proclaim that in end-times all Christians worshipping on the first day of the week will receive the Mark of the Beast, then hunt down and torture Adventists. The book thoroughly documents the history of Sunday church services to disabuse member's belief that those who worship on Sunday are disobeying the fourth commandment. Written to lift the wounded Adventist's eyes to Christ for healing; however pastors, theologians, those with Adventist family, neighbors, colleagues and friends will find this book a treasure in understanding Adventism.

About the Author

Arthur and Teresa Beem grew up in typical Adventists families. They are third generation Seventh-day Adventists and attended the church's schools from first grade through the university level. For twenty years Teresa taught in SDA schools and churches as well as serving on high-level church committees. She has published in denomination's publications including Abortion: Ethical Issues and Options, Adventists Review, Signs of the Times, Women of Spirit, Spectrum, Adventist Affirm and Southwestern Adventist Record. Both have friends and family as church administrators and pastors. Arthur has worked in the Adventist hospital system and his family built radio stations and school buildings for the institution. It would be difficult to find two people who were more entrenched and more knowledgeable about Seventh-day Adventism. After almost forty years in the church, they had their memberships removed and currently minister to former Adventists who feel they were hurt by SDA theology.

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ISBN: 9781419654671
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Publication Date: July 24th, 2008
Pages: 328
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