The Treasure At Misty Cove (Paperback)

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The Treasure At Misty Cove (Paperback)


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Pamela Hillan and Penelope Dyan are lifelong friends who used to like to pretend they were in a Nancy Drew book when they were kids. As it turned out, when they were all grown up (and then some) they decided to keep right on pretending And this is how the Jan and Jenny Mystery Series began

Penelope Dyan became a teacher, a published writer, a vocalist, a mother and an attorney, while Pamela Hillan became a mother and a court reporter . . . and then finally . . . everything went back to what it was before all of that happened And the Jan and Jenny Mystery Series was born

It was their combined lifelong experiences, their imaginations, and their love for the law, along with their desire to make a difference in the world, that led to the creation of each and every one of the Jan & Jenny books, including this latest book, the fourteenth book in the Jan and Jenny Mystery Series, "The Treasure At Misty Cove".

Jan and Jenny were supposed to be on a simple vacation at the beach. However, things are seldom simple for Jan and Jenny. A diving lesson, a dive at Misty Cove Cave, and a chance meeting with an old woman, Fannie Mae Bolls, lead the girls and their two newly found friends, Jack and John, on a search for hidden treasure and more Take part in the excitement as you travel through the pages of "The Treasure At Misty Cove" and find out what Jan and Jenny and their two new friends experienced and why Jan and Jenny are 'that Jan and Jenny'.

Product Details ISBN: 9781614775430
ISBN-10: 1614775435
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English