Restoration: A Young Adult Dystopian (Paperback)

Restoration: A Young Adult Dystopian By Laura Wadsworth Carter Cover Image

Restoration: A Young Adult Dystopian (Paperback)


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August's first attempt to destroy the Foundation not only failed, it nearly got him killed. Now stuck inside a refugee camp in a bordering nation, he's determined to return to his homeland and finish what he started. So, when an anonymous benefactor offers him weapons and supplies, August cautiously accepts. Only somewhat aware of the danger his status as an Elect poses to those around him, August travels to Belstrana with Elisa and Alek, where they hope to join forces with the hidden network of rebels. Unfortunately, the return of old friends and enemies complicates matters, and even the rebels have their own hidden agenda.

Caught between the Foundation, the rebels, and his own sabotaged mind, August soon finds himself tangled in a web of betrayal that spans decades and crosses political borders. With the fate of his homeland and the hope of a future with Elisa at stake, August will risk everything to break the duplicitous bonds that hold him and defeat the Foundation once and for all.

Product Details ISBN: 9781621358480
ISBN-10: 1621358488
Publisher: Clean Reads
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Pages: 294
Language: English