The State of Black Progress: Confronting Government and Judicial Obstacles (Hardcover)

The State of Black Progress: Confronting Government and Judicial Obstacles By Star Parker (Editor), Marty Dannenfelser Cover Image

The State of Black Progress: Confronting Government and Judicial Obstacles (Hardcover)


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Black Americans have arguably arrived at the height of their cultural prominence. In politics, entertainment, academia, and nearly every sphere of influence, "black issues" dominate the national discussion. Yet many black Americans are suffering more than ever from the blight of poverty, physical and mental health struggles, lack of opportunity, and failing schools. How do these signs of success on the surface coexist with social stagnation on the ground in the black community?

This edited volume, sponsored by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and featuring contributions from W.B. Allen, Judge Janice Rogers Brown (ret.), Ian Rowe, Sally Pipes, Stephen Moore, and others, addresses this question in light of American values and the history of constitutional jurisprudence. In the 1860s, black America was promised emancipation but continued to experience subjugation. In the 1960s, black America was promised equality but was frequently exploited. Racial discrimination played a role, but in the intervening decades misguided progressive policies and the normalization of victimhood rhetoric has proven even more disastrous. By failing to live up to American ideals, our nation denied many black Americans their chance at the American Dream.

The scholars and luminaries who contributed to this volume believe that what has been lost can be recovered. If our nation recognizes the history of our current predicament, embraces the founding principles that made America an economic powerhouse, and commits to an agenda of empowering fiscal, educational, and faith and family-affirming policies, then black Americans can overcome the obstacles that most hamper progress in their communities.

MARTY DANNENFELSER is Vice President for Government Relations and Coalitions at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, guiding CURE's policy promotion with federal and state officials. He previously served as staff director of the US Commission on Civil Rights, and as a senior policy advisor at the White House Office of Public Liaison. He has served in policy, government relations, and external relations positions with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Energy. Dannenfelser was a senior policy advisor for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and Legislative Director for Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ).
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