Gratitude Journal for Teens: Prompts to Cultivate a Habit of Awareness and Improve Well-being (Paperback)

Gratitude Journal for Teens: Prompts to Cultivate a Habit of Awareness and Improve Well-being By Scarlet Paolicchi Cover Image

Gratitude Journal for Teens: Prompts to Cultivate a Habit of Awareness and Improve Well-being (Paperback)


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Give teens the tools to stay positive and thankful with this insightful gratitude journal

Dealing with stress and uncertainty about school, friends, and the future can be hard for teens—but practicing gratitude can make it easier. This journal helps them record a little bit of gratitude every day, so they can get in the habit of keeping a content and resilient mindset. Each entry includes a brief writing prompt or reflection that encourages teens to notice and remember what they're grateful for.
  • The power of gratitude—Studies have connected gratitude to greater happiness, better school performance, improved relationships, and higher self-esteem.
  • A new perspective—The sections are focused on different goals for teens such as managing negative thoughts, adjusting how they see the world, and being mindful of each moment.
  • Big and small gratitude—Teens will stop to appreciate everything from their favorite snacks to the beautiful places they've been and the people that they love.

Help teens boost their happiness and well-being with this colorful journal that encourages gratitude in every part of their lives.
SCARLET PAOLICCHI is an author and the founder of the Family Focus Blog, where she shares everything from parenting advice to recipes and travel tips. Connect with her @familyfocusblog.
Product Details ISBN: 9781648769412
ISBN-10: 1648769411
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 18th, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English
“This book is such an amazing way to help teens get in touch with their feelings, recognize what they have, and be appreciative of it. It's not that teens aren't grateful, it's just hard being a teen and sometimes they don't see the whole picture. These short but effective exercises ask teens to look at different areas of their life and write about the things that bring them joy and happiness, focusing on the positive things in their life and helping them to appreciate the little things as well as the big!” —Lisa O'Driscoll, lifestyle blogger,

“It is hard to prepare our children for an uncertain future. Helping them learn the art of gratitude can transform their lives now and forever. The Gratitude Journal for Teens makes the job of helping my teens embrace gratitude easy. The journal is perfectly on-point for this age group and gives teenagers the skills to learn more about themselves and how they can transform any circumstance into an opportunity for gratitude.” —Jamie Yonash, founder and creator of Life is Sweeter by Design,

“In a time when teens can feel overwhelmed, Gratitude Journal for Teens provides inspiring quotes and prompts to help kids be more aware of the small things in life. This journal is the perfect gift for teens of all ages.” —Christina Hitchcock, founder and creator of It Is a Keeper (