His Pretty Little Burden: An Age Gap Mafia Romance (Paperback)

His Pretty Little Burden: An Age Gap Mafia Romance By Nicci Harris Cover Image

His Pretty Little Burden: An Age Gap Mafia Romance (Paperback)


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#1 Bestseller in Women's Crime Fiction.

#1 Bestseller in Organised Crime.

A little deer walks into the wolf's den.

I want answers.

I know nothing of love, family, or stability, having been raised in the foster system and spat out at eighteen, pregnant, and with no memory of how that came to be.

I try to find my estranged father, a man rumoured to be in the Mafia, hopeful he will use his influence to discover what really happened the night someone took my innocence.

But I don't find my father. I walk straight into the den of his associate, the Don of the Cosa Nostra.

Clay Butcher.

He is a cold, calculated killer. An emotional island in a perfectly tailored suit.

He orders me to stay in his mansion and wait for my father to return. But living with Clay Butcher stirs feelings deep inside of me. Starved of attention all my life, I find his possessive gaze intoxicating. His rules ground me, his discipline holds me accountable, and his praise sets my skin ablaze.

But he is a liar.

What I don't know is that he plots to use me. I am not just the daughter of his colleague, but a girl with a powerful heir in her belly.

The heir to part of Clay Butcher's legacy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781922492142
ISBN-10: 1922492140
Publisher: Nicci Harris
Publication Date: May 5th, 2022
Pages: 416
Language: English