Lombardy Slough (Paperback)

Lombardy Slough By Joe-Ming Cheng, Joyce Krieg (Editor), Seth D. J. Foley (Cover Design by) Cover Image

Lombardy Slough (Paperback)

By Joe-Ming Cheng, Joyce Krieg (Editor), Seth D. J. Foley (Cover Design by)


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In the quiet village of Lombardy Slough on the Northern California coast, scientists are conducting highly-classified research that could revolutionize food production. Just imagine a method of creating high-quality beef, cheaply and efficiently-and without even having to slaughter the animal. Far beyond cutting edge, this is nothing short of a true revolution in the meat industry.

But with every promising scientific breakthrough comes threats. A trio of Midwest cattle ranchers is determined to capture this profitable technology for themselves. A ruthless South American drug cartel seizes upon the promise of low-cost beef production as a means to go into legitimate business. High-placed officials from the former Soviet Union concoct a daring plan to invade the research facility to corner the worldwide market. The elite former Soviet commando unit Russian Pride makes daring trial landings on the beach at Ventura, California, and the UC Santa Barbara campus. Their ultimate plan is to invade Lombardy Slough in November during an unusually high tide known as the King Tide.

The Lombardi family, whom readers met in the first book of the Lombardi Family Saga, French Legend, plays a key role in this second book in the enthralling series. This ancient family originally settled Lombardy Slough and still hold considerable influence in the area. At the heart of the story are the scientists at the Lombardy Slough research facility and one amazing little girl, Amy Lee, and a very special best friend whom you won't soon forget.

Product Details ISBN: 9781953120076
ISBN-10: 1953120075
Publisher: Small and Simiple LLC
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
Pages: 232
Language: English