The Average Jose: An Immigration Story: Classroom Edition (Paperback)

The Average Jose: An Immigration Story: Classroom Edition Cover Image
By John Clark (Illustrator), Ken Flynn (Illustrator), Ken Flynn
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The Classroom Edition of the graphic novel contains full cross-curricular lessons infused with differentiated instruction, photocopiable worksheets, rubrics, and assignments. An asset to any classroom. Canada is a nation built by immigrants, and this is the story of one such man. In the 1950s, Jos Pires bid farewell to his wife of five days, leaving the island of S o Miguel in the Azores and coming to Canada in hopes of building a life for his future family. Working across Canada on the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway, Jos embodied an ideal that is hard to find in today's generation: the idea that your life should not be measured by what you achieve for yourself, but by what you leave to others. An honest, loyal man, Jos waited eighteen months to see his wife again - Maria, the love of his life, mother of his eventual children, and the woman he would, years later, tend to in chronic care. Intelligent and compelling, The Average Jos deftly counterbalances Portuguese themes of saudade (a simultaneous sense of love and loss) and obrigado (thankfulness). It moves effortlessly between the sometimes dreamlike cultural landscape of the Azores in the forties and fifties and the realities of the Canadian immigrant experience.

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ISBN: 9781984202758
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Publication Date: January 24th, 2018
Pages: 146
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