The Confessions (Paperback)

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"The Confessions" is an autobiography by Saint Augustine of Hippo written in thirteen books. Originally published in classical Latin between AD 397 and 400, " The Confessions" is considered one of the first Western autobiographies ever written. Throughout Augustine's autobiography, he discusses his troubled and sin-filled youth culminating in his eventual, yet inevitable conversion to Christianity. In the book, Augustine promotes moving away from a sinful, immoral lifestyle filled with sexual exploits into new beginnings fostered in the light of the Lord. "The Confessions" is an important text in Christian literature and religious study as it serves as a work aiding in the process of Christian conversion.

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ISBN: 9781989201978
ISBN-10: 1989201970
Publisher: East India Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English