Q & A (Paperback)

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Q & A (Paperback)


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Something very creepy is going on inside the Eco Trooper Club's gloomy warehouse.

Quinn Bard has been forced to join a club at her high school in the new town she hates. Her first meeting leaves her questioning her sanity.

Despite her family's joyfully chaotic home life, things get worse. Quinn is shocked to discover a sinister conspiracy at the heart of the club's mission, and there's something very bizarre about the group's adult leader, Nadine Stent.

Enlisting the help of her older sister Arista, Quinn learns that the club's student members are unhappy hostages. What mysterious power does Stent hold over them? And what kind of twisted scheme has she dragged everyone into?

In a race against time, the two sisters and new friends work to expose Stent's evil plot. And together they have adventures funnier, stranger and more thrilling than Quinn ever imagined possible.

If Quinn and her allies succeed, it'll be a new beginning for her. If they fail, innocent people will go to jail, and families will be destroyed. Including Quinn's.

Product Details ISBN: 9783988320100
ISBN-10: 3988320102
Publisher: Vine Leaves Press
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English