Surviving Retirement: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Beyond the Badge (Paperback)

Surviving Retirement: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Beyond the Badge By Medina Baumgart Cover Image

Surviving Retirement: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Beyond the Badge (Paperback)


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Retirement often marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, but for those who have dedicated their lives to a career in law enforcement, the transition can be particularly challenging. In "Surviving Retirement: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Beyond the Badge," esteemed psychologist and spouse to a retired police officer, Medina Baumgart, PsyD, ABPP, offers a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex emotional landscape that accompanies retirement from the force.

Drawing upon her personal experiences and her expertise in psychology, Dr. Baumgart provides a heartfelt and practical roadmap for law enforcement professionals embarking on this profound life change. From the initial stages of preparing for retirement to the lifelong process of finding purpose and fulfillment, this book offers invaluable insights and strategies to help officers make a successful transition and create a meaningful life beyond their badges.

Within the pages of "Surviving Retirement," readers will discover:

  • Emotional challenges: Explore the range of emotions commonly experienced during retirement, including loss, identity crisis, and feelings of disconnection. Learn how to recognize and cope with these emotions effectively.
  • Identity beyond the badge: Understand the importance of shifting identity from a law enforcement professional to a retiree. Discover strategies to develop a new sense of self and redefine personal values and goals.
  • Relationships and support systems: Navigate the complexities of relationships with family, friends, and fellow retirees. Learn effective communication techniques and strategies for maintaining and building strong connections in retirement.
  • Mental health and self-care: Prioritize mental health and well-being during retirement. Uncover strategies for managing stress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and seeking professional help when needed.

With empathy, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges retired law enforcement professionals face, Dr. Medina Baumgart provides a guidebook that offers reassurance and empowers readers to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven retirement. "Surviving Retirement: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Beyond the Badge" is an essential resource for those seeking a meaningful life after leaving the force, reminding them that their journey doesn't end with retirement; it's a new beginning.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218220396
Publisher: Medina Baumgart
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 124
Language: English