The Oeuvre Of Adi Da Samraj: Demonstrations Of Spiritual Transmission: Methods Of Teaching (Paperback)

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This book provides an extremely useful description and explanation of the most extraordinary spiritual teacher of our time. The passing of a spiritual master and the questions of succession, organizational continuity, and fidelity to the master's life, instruction, and work has often been problematic and contentious. These challenges are not specific to any tradition and have been met variously throughout history, but they take on new dimensions in the case of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008), the spiritual founder of Adidam Ruchiradam. The multi-tiered task of establishing a new tradition, with all of its spiritual, philosophical, aesthetic, cultural, legal, and organizational expressions is monumental in scale-like the artistic images created by Adi Da in the last decade of his life. There is an untold story in Adi Da's work to create this new spiritual tradition and another in the maturing practice and organizational life of Adidam members-both of which have entered into a new chapter with Adi Da's passing in November 2008. This paper is neither an analytical nor a critical treatment of Adi Da and Adidam, but a narrative one. It provides an overview of the life of Adi Da within the framework of three distinct phases: his early life of "learning humankind" (Part I); his time of "teaching humankind" (Part II), and his time of "blessing humankind" (Part III). Each of these phases was precipitated by significant transformational events that spontaneously called forth the unique approaches, methods of teaching, and demonstrations of spiritual transmission that Adi Da employed throughout his life and work. Understanding these phases is essential to appreciate this contemporary spiritual master, his legacy, and, in the wake of his passing (Part IV), the future prospects for Adidam and its membership.

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