Publisher & Author Guidelines

Dear Publisher/Author,

Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center is happy to support regional/all authors and their published work. However, we no longer accept books on consignment. 

Please complete and submit the Inventory Consideration FormDO NOT CALL THE STORE ABOUT YOUR BOOK OR BOOK SIGNINGS, OR LEAVE A COPY OF YOUR BOOK AT THE STORE WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL. Unsolicited books will not be accepted or returned to you. We will respond by email if we decide to carry your book. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we cannot reply to those applicants whose work we've chosen to pass on. If you don't hear back from us in 2 weeks, we've decided not to take your book.

Only published books available from Ingram will be considered.

If we decide to carry your book, you'll be asked to mail or drop off a complimentary, published copy. We will place your book in the appropriate book section for a test run of 3 months. Placement and display of your book is at our discretion. If it sells within three months, we will reorder it through Ingram. If it doesn't sell within that time, we will remove it from the shelves and donate it.

When you visit the store to drop off your book, please DO NOT TRY TO ENGAGE STAFF. They are not able to assist with author inquiries. Thank you for being respectful of our staff and their time.

We ask that you encourage friends and family to purchase your book from our store. Please include in your marketing materials that the book is available at Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center. We would appreciate it if you would link your book to our website,

Again, congratulations! We appreciate the hard work involved in writting a book and getting it accepted for publication. Good luck, and thank you for contacting Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center!