Shipping to Correctional Facilities

Black Stone Bookstore & Cultural Center ships to many correctional facilities, both state and federal. In order for your friend or family member to receive what you are sending, it is of utmost importance that you are absolutely certain of the facility's rules and regulations regarding incoming mail.


  • Have you shipped to this particular facility before? If not, we ask that you contact the facility prior to placing an order and request detailed information regarding books being sent in the mail. Most (if not all) correctional facilities now have websites that provide further information about how to send mail to inmates.
  • First-time order? Don't send large or expensive items until you've become familiar with the process.
  • We recommend buying only new books as they have the highest acceptance rate.


Make sure to include:

  • Inmate's name and inmate number (on the same line)
  • Name and address of the facility
  • Purchaser's name and phone number (in case the shipment is returned) cannot be responsible for shipments that are confiscated or lost by a correctional facility.